Choosing the Right Coating for Your Dallas/Ft. Worth Garage Floor

Flakes and Aggregates Before we get started on the types of coating systems, let’s talk about aggregates. Coatings are typically enhanced with various types of aggregates. They allow us to create thicker, stronger, higher-build coatings. Some of the common aggregates that are used include decorative flake, quartz, and silica. These aggregates can benefit the coating

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Introducing Artisan Garage Floors

An Extraordinary Company Deserves An Extraordinary Name. When we started this business, we chose a name that was straightforward and to the point: Garage Floors DFW. As the saying goes, “It does what it says on the tin.” But as time went on, it became clear there were too many companies with similar-sounding names, we found

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DIY Epoxy Kits VS Professional Garage Floor Coating

Surface Preparation  An industry study shows that over 70% of coatings fail due to inadequate or improper surface preparation. With DIY applications, if any surface preparation is done at all, it is usually not adequate. The most common DIY methods are pressure-washing, Citric Acid wash, Diamabrush, and Muriatic Acid wash. Pressure washing is not enough

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Choosing the Right Garage Floor Coating Contractor or Company

Learn About Popular Garage Floor Coating Options There are many different styles of garage floor coatings available on the market today. We won’t go into too much detail in this article, but here are the basics. Flake Floors This is the most common type of garage floor coating, especially those done by professionals. The two

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