Our Installation Methods & Processes

Part One: Prepping Your Garage Floor

After you clear your garage out, it’s time for us to clean and prep the floor so it can take the epoxy basecoat.

Clean Up

Don’t worry about sweeping up, we’ll clean the garage floor surface of any dirt and debris. Our team will also take care to remove any oil or other stains — no matter how bad they are — so that they don’t interfere with the coating.

Diamond-Grind the Surface

Then it’s time to start prepping the surface. We do this by grinding the floor with a planetary diamond grinder that opens the pores of the concrete and creates a textured surface for the epoxy coating to stick to.

Patch and Repair

If your floor has any cracks or damage, we’ll patch it up for you. Our Artisans use a polymer material that permanently bonds with the concrete and makes nearly all fixes virtually invisible once the coating ins complete.

Seal Your Expansion and Control Joints

These are the spots where dirt, debris and insects love to infiltrate your garage. We’ll seal up your expansion or control joints to keep the space clean and create a totally seamless look.

Part Two: Our Artisans Install Your Epoxy Flooring

After the floor has been properly prepped, our team of experts can begin doing what they do best.

Set the Base Coat

The base coat is what gives your epoxy flooring durable body and strength as well as enhanced color. We apply the base coat in one sweeping, thick layer of Low-VOC, UV-stable, 100% solids epoxy.

Our Artisans Add The Aggregate

This is when it really starts coming together. The decorative flake or quartz you’ve selected will then be evenly broadcast into the wet material by our skilled craftsmen. As the material cures, the aggregate will become permanently embedded and form a strong, permanent bond with the concrete below.

Top It Off With Clear Coat

The final step is the clear coat which provides that beautiful, glossy sheen and brings out the color in your floor. To do this we use a material called Polyaspartic Urethane which is highly resistant to chemicals and staining, as well as impact and abrasion — protecting your floor for years to come.