Protect Your Concrete From the Elements With a Penetrating Sealer

Because concrete is so porous, it can become damaged by water and other elements that seep into its surface. To protect against this, we use an industrial-grade penetrating sealant that resists dust, stains, and UV rays, reduces the growth of mold and mildew, and repels water from the surface.

Benefits of Using a Concrete Sealer

Having a tough, water-tight seal helps protect against environmental conditions that can cause long-term damage to your concrete. For example, water that freezes and thaws in the concrete during the winter months can lead to scaling and cracking over time. Concrete sealant also helps prevent against:
  • Efflorescence
  • Scaling
  • Surface popping, aka spalling
  • Salt and Ice Melter Won’t Damage Concrete

Our Concrete Sealing Process

Clean Concrete

At Artisan Garage Floors, we start by cleaning your concrete surfaces with high-pressure power washers. This ensures we have a clean surface to work with—and it also gives your concrete floors a brighter, newer look before we apply the sealant.

Apply Sealant

Next, the sealer is applied by our team of in-house professionals. In most cases, the surface can be returned to service within several hours.

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