Enhance Your Space with Low-Cost Concrete Stains

Stained concrete can protect the integrity of the surface and improve its overall appearance, without the need to replace your flooring. As a low-cost finishing option in the concrete resurfacing process, a colorful stain can give your home or commercial space a sleek, new look at an affordable price.

Types of Stains: Reactive vs. Non-Reactive

Reactive concrete stains are water-based acidic solutions that contain metallic salts, which react with the lime content of concrete. The stain forms a permanent, long-lasting bond and is less likely to peel or chip away.

Non-reactive concrete stains are water-based acrylic stains that don’t rely on a chemical reaction to add color. The stain penetrates the concrete surface, with its pigment particles settling into the open pores of the concrete.

  • Acid stains – reacts with the surface of concrete for a permanent color, accompanied by the application of a sealant
  • Water-based stains – bonds to concrete, but as a surface coating only due to inability to be absorbed into the concrete
  • Acetone dyes – powdered dyes are great for interior use, but not for exterior use as they are not UV stable; liquid dyes are thin, UV-stable solvent-based stains that absorb into the surface

The 4 Steps of Concrete Staining

Prepare The Surface

Apply The Stain

Neutralize Acid and remove excess residue

Seal the concrete

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