Shopping Cart Cleaning & Disinfecting

Protect the Health of Your Customers and Employees

Every day your customers grab a shopping cart to browse your store, leaving behind natural oils and grime from their hands, as well as dirt, bacteria and potentially viruses. Using our 250ºF hot-water power washers, we can clean and disinfect your shopping carts to keep your customers and employees safe.

  • 250ºF hot water and high-pressure steam cleans surfaces
  • Detergents and disinfectants available for additional cleaning power
  • Available as a daily or weekly service by our team of professionals
  • Keeps your shopping carts looking better longer

Shopping Cart Cleaning is Critical for Public Hygiene

Did you know shopping carts have 270-times more bacteria than a toilet handle? A recent study found that there were 8,112 bacteria colonies per inch on a shopping cart handle. In comparison, there were only 30 colonies per inch on a toilet handle!

Power Washing Keeps Your Carts in Good Condition, Too

While power washing sounds harsh, the high-pressure steam won’t damage your plastic or metal shopping carts. In fact, having a daily or weekly cleaning by our team of professionals can keep them looking better for longer.

Save on Daily or Weekly Shopping Cart Cleaning Services

Ensure your customers leave with their goods and nothing more. Call Mark today at 682-308-5812 for your FREE estimate on daily or weekly shopping cart cleaning.

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